Olya Maré is a Russian-French artist.

In spite of her love of arts and beginning drawing at a young age Olya never contemplated the thought of becoming a professional painter. Instead, she very early on decided to direct all her time and energy to follow another of her passions: acting.
For years she worked as an actress in theatres in Russia, until she moved to Paris, for love.

It was Paris, who brought Olya back to drawing and painting.

Olya Mare


Longing for HiM

Longing for HiM

07/01/2016 — 07/31/2016
In 2013, following the death of her close friend Romain, she embarked on the painting “The City Where There is No You”. This work marked the beginning of a whole series of paintings “Longing for Him”, where she openly expresses her solitude, desires and vulnerable nature.