Tomedes spent his early years in the Colombian Amazon. Much of his current inspiration comes from the contrast between the unspoilt jungle where he grew up and the large metropolis that is London, where he now lives. The artist’s work is influenced by the impact of development on the natural environment and local Amazonian culture. The de‐construction of many of Tomedes’paintings echoes the destructive forces impacting upon the Amazon. His work focuses on painting and extending the boundaries of the medium experimentally. Using a highly distinctive technique that he developed, oil and gloss paint is dried in large trays to create a layer of “skin”. Whilst the underneath is still wet, Tomedes peels off the skin, carefully leaving the underside to dry, thus creating the unusual raw material used in his works. Freed from traditional constraints and artificial boundaries, the dried but malleable paint is given an independence that allows new forms of expression. For example, in some works the paint skins have been cut into strips and then woven, in a similar way to how the Indigenous peoples weave natural fibres in Tomedes’ home town in the Amazon.