Lomaka Gallery is a new contemporary art space in London. The gallery collaborates with some of the most distinctive and innovative artists working today. Operating outside conventional practice and the contemporary art system, Lomaka Gallery welcomes a broad audience to an extensive exhibition programme, supporting work of a group of artists who collectively defy categorization.

Our goal is to display the work of artists with exceptional talent, technical skill and creativity. We believe that artworks have the power to stir emotions and inspire us. We are dedicated in supporting our artists’ through our thought provoking exhibition programme. Working alongside galleries, dealers and art fairs, our goal is uncover new dialogues to engage and excite our audiences. We offer a consultative service for clients and prospective collectors seeking out pieces from well established names, mid-career or from new talent. As a part of the gallery’s on-going commitment to art education, the gallery hosts a series of events, workshops and talks to run alongside each exhibition.

Lomaka Gallery was founded by artist Olga Lomaka in 2010 in Moscow, Russia. From a leading gallery in Moscow, we have been operating in London since 2017.


Olga Lomaka, Founder

“Like many recent graduates, artists find themselves looking for opportunities to show and create new work. I am inspired by many amazing London-based artists, who are not getting exhibition opportunities I felt their work deserves. I want to provide a dynamic open platform for the work of my peers, that doesn’t otherwise exist in London. The best commercial galleries have the resources and the quality control systems, to invest in the visions of the established artists. However, support for smaller dynamic artist-run galleries is the best way to empower emerging artists to make and show groundbreaking new work to the international art world”.